Before You Hire a PPC Company, Ask these Following Questions

Before You Hire a PPC Company, Ask these Following Questions

Google AdWords is like a boon to your business. PPC advertising can render instant traffic where it can bestow your website with leads, customers, and ecommerce sales. If you own the business who is not certified in AdWords, or if you are not able to handle your campaign, then you need to hire an SEM/PPC company to do the same. And before you hire one, ask them the following questions.

  1. Would you be providing the search term results?

When you are not analyzing your search term results, then you are not marking the most of the traffic arriving to your website by the means of PPC. Learn the difference between a search term and a keyword. The former is the exact set of words used by the customer when searching on a search engine. And keyword refers to the set of words that AdWords pros create for a certain ad group to target your ads to the target market. Ask the PPC company to offer you the search term results.

  1. When it comes to negative keywords, how proactive would you be?

Once you have delved deep into the search term results, check how many search terms are present and are inconvertible for your business. Even the best PPC managers in the business come across completely useless keywords. When you see these, you need to get proactive and add these negative keywords in the ad group or campaign level. Negative keyword refers to the type of the keyword that steers your ad clear from being triggered by a particular word or phrase.

  1. How much time would you need to understand our business?

Always make sure that the keyword is relevant to your business. Hence, always stay in touch with your client and they need to be proactive with the partnership as well. If you own the business, ensure the PPC Company can invest time in learning your business and ask you the right questions.

  1. How will the conversions be tracked by your company?

You would be surprised by the number of businesses running the AdWords campaign having their tracking unorganized. Many of them don’t installed DNI on their website. DNI refers to a dynamic phone number that swaps out after a person clicks on your ad and visits your site. When someone does click on your ad and contacts your business, the PPC ad must be credited for it. Many people are unaware of it, so they under count the conversions.