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Creating beautiful pictures – things you should know about photography</h1>

Photography is a real art with its own rules and techniques. It is not enough just to buy an expensive camera to get excellent pictures. The quality of pictures does depend on camera properties but if you want to get a good picture, you need to know simple rules like and basic techniques.

What is more important is to have a good image editing software that has, for instance, red eyes removal tool or teeth whitening tool  – tools that eliminate small imperfections. It is not always possible to take another shot to get a better image but it is always possible to improve the quality of the existing one.

Basic rules of photography

  • One of the most widely spread misleading thoughts is that the subject must be placed in the centre of the frame. Taking thousands of similar pictures with the subject in the centre will end up with a collection of typical and boring pictures. There is so-called Rule of Thirds – imagine that your photo is divided into 9 parts by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The most important subjects must be placed along the lines dividing your photo.


  • Try to avoid shaking of your camera. If your camera is shaking, you will get a blurred picture. Of course, it is possible to save the pictures with the help of photo correction software but it is always better to get sharp and clear images.
  • Simple backgrounds are always better for portraits. Such background does not shift focus from the main object but makes it easier to modify a picture in the future.

Choosing good image editing software

 No matter how great is the shot, it will need some correction in the future. All photographers and always use editing programs to make their works even better. One of the best online photo editing programs is iPiccy. Photo editor offers a wide range of tools that can be useful not only for professional photographers but also beginners, who sometimes do not know how to use simple tools in photo editors. iPiccy is famous for its simplicity and efficiency. Apart from changing background, size or adding text, photo editor has other touch-up tools. One of the most popular is Using this tool you can create your own picnik collages, edit what you thing doesn’t fit the picture and simply make the photo better altogether. Every single feature of the program is helpful and easy to use. It will surely make your memories of picniks last longer.

With iPiccy you will get amazing images. Take the best of photography and enjoy the process. The rest will be done by iPiccy.

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