How to Make a Uniform More Exciting

Today, in the corporate world, appearing professional is the goal for most people. In order to be taken seriously and appear as though you know what you are talking about, you must dress the part. How can you make that uniform seem less like a uniform and more like something you would actually enjoy wearing?


Black and white are the typical professional colours. However, trends are beginning to change, and it is now acceptable to have some colour added to your professional ensemble. These colours should not be bright or neon by far, however, they can be pastels or even bold. Wearing a collared shirt that is a soft yellow or a bolder blue can add colour to your corporate uniform and make you stand out. It will not take away from your professionalism, yet, it will make your daily dressing less boring, and other people will also respond to you better. If you are a man, you should keep your suit one of the basic navy blue, black, or greycolours. However, your shirt and/or tie can have a bit more colour. If you wear a bright red suit, you will lose your professional appearance. Keep the colours confined to your shirt and/or tie.

Corporate Uniform


Patterns can always make the uniform a bit less boring as well. Men can use their ties to add quite a bit of variety to their wardrobe. A man can have seasonal ties that fit in with the holiday, or the patterns can just be for the fun of any occasion. Patterned shirts are the most popular for both men and women, whether this pattern is simply patchwork or stripes or something more unique. However, women can also have a patterned skirt with a professional top. This pattern will add some life to your normally boring work uniform.


Women can use accessories to personalise their work attire. First, the attire can be accessorised through jewellery. A woman can choose between gold and silver, then have earrings, bracelets, or necklaces that have coloured stones. These pieces of jewellery can be a set, or can be matched together with slightly different styles. Additionally, women can wear scarves. Generally, the scarves should not be worn on the head as it can take away from the professionalism, but scarves placed around the neck can be stylish and add colour to any professional outfit.

corporate uniform 1

Men have less variety in this area as wearing earrings and any other type of jewellery is generally frowned upon in the masculine case. However, there are small ways that a man can accessorise. A man can wear a ring; normally this would be a class ring, however, other types of rings are becoming more popular for men to wear. Additionally, tie pins can come in a lot of styles, giving men the ability to accessorise in that way.

By using your imagination, you can make your normally boring professional outfit a bit livelier. You can add colour, patterns, and accessories to make your uniform more exciting and attention drawing, while still remaining professional.