How to Reduce Paperwork in a Car Dealership Firm and Go Digital

How to Reduce Paperwork in a Car Dealership Firm and Go Digital

This digital world calls for a cut back in paperwork, no matter what industry you work in. With the rise in global warming which is leading to drastic changes in other geographical areas, there is a high need for reducing the usage of resources, in which paper definitely makes a mark. So, when it too roots down to the automotive industry, it’s high time to go digital. In turn, it also helps in cutting down the expenses of office supplies.

Here are the ways how you can cut down the usage of paper in your dealership firm:

  1. Bid farewell to your fax machine.

It’s time to ditch the fax. There are a myriad of online fax available on the Internet which helps you in sending fax messages from one place to another with ease and absolutely at no cost! It greatly helps in cutting down the paperwork and making the transfer of fax message at so much convenience. It also helps in cutting down the costs further.

  1. Use both sides of the paper.

Love it, or hate it. But there is no ignoring it. No matter how much you try to avoid the paperwork. It will always come back to haunt you in some or the other way. If usage of paper is mandatory in nature at the dealership firm, make sure you use both sides of the paper when it comes to printing the forms or any sort of necessary documents.

  1. Print less, save more.

While you cannot escape the paperwork, and by carrying forward the point above, make sure you print on both the sides of the pages to reduce wastage and cutting the cost of office supplies. Also, do not waste paper by printing pages which are not necessary for the activities you carry out. If the documentation process can be carried out online, do not waste papers for the same. It saves the cost of the paper, ink, and electricity in no time.

  1. Use an effective car dealer CRM to reduce paperwork
  • Replace sending out mailers to everyone by setting up automated text messages and emails.
  • Eradicate the good ol’ traditional mailers to save the cost on postage.
  • Enter all the customers’ and leads’ data digitally.
  • Put a halt to printing the inventory list daily
  • Utilize your car dealer CRM if you want to view the inventory list of the vehicles with photos
  • By using the mobile app of your CRM, scan the necessary licenses and grab the legible copy.
  • You can also scan vehicle VINs to make sure while updating the list of inventory and the customer files.
  • Instead of printing the reports, you can simply view them on the screen