Friday 22 November 2019
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Knowing About The Common Mistakes Done When Launching A New Website

Knowing About The Common Mistakes Done When Launching A New Website

When you are going to launch a new website, it is a big undertaking and so essential factors should be given due consideration. It needs good planning and foresight to accomplish this significant task. The various kinds of mistakes should be avoided to obtain good results.

Common Mistakes Done When Launching A New website

URL Is Not Accurate

You need to check that the URL is mentioned correctly when you create a website. It should point to the concerned internal pages. A legible URL name is easy for the people to understand and even search engines read it accurately.

Style Do Not Appear Correctly

Each page template has its own styling pattern. There is no styling code that is universally applied to the templates. In the initial stages when you build your website preview page you need to edit styling code for each template. It helps in ensuring that everything is perfect before the website is launched.

SSL Code Has Not Been Assigned

These SSL codes are the standard security protocols for internet communication purposes. They form a link which is encrypted between the client and the server which ensures that the connection is secure and it establishes trust with the visitors.

In order to get this SSL code, the developers have to submit a Certificate Signing Request. It may take around a few days for processing of this request. It is very important to plan in a systematic manner.

Noindex Codes Are Not Removed

These Noindex codes are the HTML Meta tags which notify the search engine to avoid indexing a certain web page. It helps in protecting the privacy of the page. These Noindex codes are useful in the designing of your website but you need to index your site pages once your site is active.

Nobody Is Available To Solve A Problem

If you are planning to launch your website right before a holiday it may happen that nobody is there to troubleshoot if any kind of problem arises. Ensure that you plan to launch your site a few days before the holiday so that designers and developers can monitor your site and make changes if it is necessary.


A new website which is designed with dedication and hard work needs to be launched with proper planning and care. Any kind of mistakes may result in spoiling your hard work. So always ensure that everything is perfect and appropriate before you launch a new website.