Quick guide to BITSAT exams papers

Quick guide to BITSAT exams papers

BITSAT is a computer based online test for those aspirants who are seeking for Admission to Graduation programs in Engineering of BITS (Birla institute of Technology and Science) Campuses in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. The competition for this exam is very intense. The exam was conducted over 51 cities in India including its campuses. The colleges are enriched with a very high standard of teaching faculty along with a splendid placement record. No wonder its entrance examination is considered at par with JEE itself.

If you are wondering how different are preparations for BITSAT and JEE, so is to be understand that both the exams demands solely knowledge of basics of physics, chemistry and mathematics. While JEE probes into lengthier questions and more in-depth analysis, bitsat 2016 reviewlimits itself to shorter but far trickier questions.

So first and the foremost step for the preparation of BITSAT includes referring to the complete syllabus and begin your preparation accordingly. So if you want to score good in this exam, all you have to do is to follow these instructions. Here is the quick guide for you to crack this exam.

Quick guide for BITSAT

·         Strenuous time management:

The most important tip for the BITSAT exam or for any other exam is time management.Only those who are able to solve questions accurately and quickly are the ones who grab the baton. You need to occupy yourself with as many questions as you can as it would help you to increase your speed and accuracy and at the time of exam you won’t get panic you will be able to solve questions easily and correctly. Secondly, subject yourself to mock test series for practice. The more you practice, the more you will observe an increasing graph of your score. This would help you to avoid errors while solving question in the examination hall.

·         Dividing time for separate questions:

According to me, in the exam of 3 hours you should at least spend 60-70 minutes on mathematics because it is time consuming and about half an hour to chemistry but not more than that because you have other parts too. Unlike JEE all the questions contain same weightage so it’s better to focus on the shorter questions than the lengthier ones. English and logical reasoning questions do not require calculations so not more than 20 minutes should be given to this section.

·         Negative marking:

The BITSAT examination provides you with a negative ¼ marks for every wrong answer. That means you will lose 4 marks for incorrectly attempted question. Let me tell you how 3 marks lost because your answer isn’t right and a -1 mark for incorrect attempt hence do not answer without being confident about any question.

·         Consult Arihant package:

There are many books that can help you for the preparation for BITSAT but the most prescribed book for BITSAT is arihant .This book contains exactly the same level of questions that is asked in the BITSAT . The level of questions is exactly same as there in this paper.

So, at last BITSAT  is a perfect ride. The right amount of preparation will take you to the heights and give the perfect result that you want.