Should You Consider Magento For Ecommerce? Check Here!

Should You Consider Magento For Ecommerce? Check Here!

Ecommerce solutions are aplenty, right from WooCommerce and Yii to Magento. Magento is often seen as the best ecommerce platform for many reasons. If you hire the best Magento agency Manchester and allow them to experiment with your online shopping site, you may come up with a portal that’s absolutely ready for further scaling and expansion. Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies have used Magento, and in this post, we take an unbiased look if this can fit the needs of your website.

The obvious advantages

First things first, Magento has a free community and a bunch of features, which are designed and created for ecommerce in particular. From support for multiple languages and currencies to creating mobile and SEO friendly websites, the platform is just right for diverse needs. Also, Magento offers a user-friendly admin section, so managing your ecommerce website is easy, even when you have multiple store fronts. The community is a thriving one and there are endless extensions and plug-ins to choose from, depending on the functionalities you are seeking. The architecture of Magento is great, because you can customize the website for specific needs. Not to forget, you can sell thousands of products using this platform, unlike other options like WooCommerce that do have limitations.

On the other side

Magento is free for sure, but if you want more, you have to spend on the Enterprise or Premium Enterprise version that is expensive. Since big websites are typically launched on Magento, the cost of hosting is higher, and unless you have the right Magento developer London, it may take considerable time to get the project ready.

Finding a reliable Magento developer

When it comes to ecommerce, selecting a reliable, experienced Magento developer is more than important. The best way to check the same is to evaluate the work of the concerned service. You need a team that knows what Magento development may mean for your project and they should be able to offer case studies of their previous projects. Ask for references as required, and do get an estimate. There is no denying that Magento development for ecommerce will cost more than a standard WordPress website, but having a fair idea of the costs only helps in budgeting better. Also, you need to check if the concerned company can offer tech support as and when required, even if that means paying for maintenance.

Consider Magento development for ecommerce because it doesn’t clip the wings of your online store.