Smart SEO Auditor: The New SEO Audit Tool On The Block!

Smart SEO Auditor: The New SEO Audit Tool On The Block!

Reviewing a website for its SEO and other elements can be a hard task, especially when every page has to be tested and checked for dozens of different criteria. Smart SEO Auditor, a new website analysis tool, brings a solution that might finally simplify things for website owners and SEO experts. We are reviewing this new app for functionality, use and more.

What does Smart SEO Auditor do?

Smart SEO Auditor audits and analyzes a website in just one click. It must be first downloaded and installed on your system, following which you need to type the address of the website to be audited and click the “Start crawling” button. The app will work in the background, and the results will be provided in a readable format. Smart SEO Auditor checks everything, from website URLs, images, and broken links to server response codes, titles, descriptions, keywords, and more. It checks more than 30 different criteria for each website page. To download the app, click

How does it differ from other tools?

We found the Smart SEO Auditor extremely easy to use, and most importantly, it is free. There are two versions of the app. The first one is a freeware version that can check and audit websites with up to 100 pages, while the second one is a paid version that’s intended for medium to large websites. Smart SEO Auditor has a really nice interface and is super simple in terms of functionality. Yet, it finds everything that possibly wrong with a website. The analysis can be further exported to an Excel file, if required. Aimed at SEO specialists, webmasters and website owners, this is a rather easy tool, which will find takers even for the free version. The paid version comes with a moneyback guarantee of 30 days, which is a clear indicator of what makers think of the end product.

Wrap up review

Smart SEO Auditor is one of the smartest and most effective tools we found for SEO and website audit, and we believe that it will serve the purpose of website owners and experts alike. It offers a readable result, so it is easy to understand the technical aspects. The free version is more than enough for small websites, but webmasters and SEO experts are likely to gain from the paid version too. All in all, this one deserves a download. Check the official website to find more details.