Sycor: Canadian Cable Supplier

Sycor: Canadian Cable Supplier

Sycor Technology is a Canadian cable supplier that operates out of a 40,000-square-foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario. This company has been providing high-quality products to a worldwide clientele since 1981. Its known not only for the quality of its cables for also for its customer service and on-time delivery.

Custom Cabling

One of the special requirements that this cable supplier regularly meets is the manufacturing of custom cables. Those at Sycor understand that, despite it having an immense inventory, sometimes its clients require cables of a type that are not already in stock, and they are ready to manufacture custom cables to meet those specified needs.

Delivery Options

Sycor offers a number of delivery options, of which its 12-month blanket purchase order is one of its most popular. By taking advantage of this, customers guarantee that their annual requirements will be met. Also, Sycor stores those products until they are necessary, which is a significant benefit for companies with minimal storage space. Another benefit of going this route is being assured that the cost of the products that they are ordering will not change for the duration of the term.