Friday 22 November 2019
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Tips When Suffering from Technical Glitches in the Middle of Your Presentation

Tips When Suffering from Technical Glitches in the Middle of Your Presentation

It is possible for you to suffer from technical glitches while presenting to other people. Whether you are doing it with your employees or potential investors, you cannot afford these problems. You might end up panicking, and it will affect your entire presentation. You might not even proceed with your presentation because of the glitch. These are some useful tips to ensure that things will move on despite what is going on.

Ask someone to come over and fix it 

You need to have your technical team on standby to correct the problem. While waiting for it to happen, you can continue speaking. It helps if you know what you need to present by heart so that even if you lose your guide or the tools you need to present are not available, you can continue. It could take time to fix the issue, so you need to prepare to keep talking without any technical help until the end.

Prepare printed visual aids 

You cannot rely on your slides all the time. You need to print the information too so that if the projector is not working, you can continue your presentation by telling the listeners to follow the printed data.

Speak loudly 

If the problem is with the sound system, you cannot allow yourself to feel disturbed. You need to continue talking so that everyone hears you. Practice speaking at the top of your voice without losing it. If the microphone fails to work, you can still move ahead. Another strategy is to not only talk in front but move around the area to ensure that everyone hears you.

Play games 

If you do not want to continue without visual aids, you can play games. You can use them to kill time. It should not go beyond ten minutes, though, since the listeners might start losing interest. Even when you eventually go back to your presentation, their minds might already be elsewhere. Keep the games short and simple, but fun and exciting.

Call for a break 

If you think it will take time to fix the problem, you can ask your listeners to pause for a break. Spend time socialising with them or allow them to talk to each other. If you were on stage for a while, a lot of them might want to head to the toilet immediately. Give them at most ten minutes and ask them to come back so you can proceed with the presentation.

Avoid the glitches if possible 

Although you cannot predict what will happen while presenting, you can prepare well so that it will not happen. Check all the devices you intend to use and make sure they are working correctly. You can also purchase a projector ceiling mount so that the projector will always be there when needed. The wires are intact, and you only need a remote control to make it work. You will feel confident when you already checked everything, and it is perfect.