Top 5 Web Design Trends in Digital World

Top 5 Web Design Trends in Digital World

To create a user friendly, creative website consistent innovation is necessary. Coping up with increasing technical challenges many of the web design companies like Ottawa web design companies manage to creative, corporate style websites. It is important to note down the changes in website development and designing pattern. SO give glance over the notable changes in current trends of website design and development pattern.

  1. Responsive design for mobile tablet:

In current trend the use of mobile & tablet has surpassed the desktop. The browsing over the internet is officially increased over smart phones than desktop. According to viewer’s perspective business website has to be responsive. For easy accessibility of website responsive website design is a current trend in website design & development.

  1. Custom illustration & Web graphics

Images are great way to convey a message & to create a friendly website from the perspective of user. It also adds a fun element to the website. Video, images, infographics presented the information about the website which is more intrigued.. Apart from those engaging Tiles, headings, charts & graphs also play main role in website designing to make the content more user friendly.

  1. Custom made Longer Scrolling Sites:

A large amount of content full of information is enough with the internal links on the deep pages are good way to create a user friendly website. With current trend in mind a lot of website is created to keep in mind the mobile. These website tend to be longer with least amount of links, these are more content oriented and focus on storytelling about product and services.

  1. Simple Homepage:

The homepage of the website should be simple as possible, easy to navigate and easily linked with other pages of the website. Last, a return back to basics. Simpler home pages work more as a gateway for the users to enter on the website than a source of information. On the other hand some website prefers to have a lengthy and informative content for the website. So that visitors can relate to the content of the website & found that informative and useful.


  1. Typography:

In current trends the device resolutions are getting sharper. So in website designing the typography is a powerful visual tool that set the website on the path of conveying all the business information. Many other browsers can support versatile typography which is enabled by CSS for web browsers. To create dynamic parallels & to improve the UX the use of large letters, contrasting sans serif and serif headings are in trend.

  1. Integrated animation:

With advancement in technology website are moving from static images. Among the other Ottawa web design services some make website designs accompanied with all the relatable elements. To communicate information to the users the new ways are moving images, animations used by website owners. Animation visuals are the great way for the meaningful interaction to the visitors. Smaller animation than the larger one is helpful from the perspective of website users.

Conclusively, Web design & web development making huge advancement in current years. Bright colors, animations, advancement in technologies are pushing the limits of the web desigers. This is gearing up the change and advancement in websites designs.