The word rotary simply means turning around a central point just like a wheel or turning on an axis. In this article, we will talk more about rotary systems or machines and what they are being used for, and many more.  We will place our focus on a rotary transfer machine as a kind of rotary system.

Rotary transfer machine

The above-mentioned machine (Rotary transfer machine) is a kind of tool which is being used generally for the purpose of working on metals. This particular machine comprises of a very big indexing table which is being surrounded by stations of machines. This particular kind of rotary transfer machine is used mainly for the production of a very great quantity of items in just a short while.

The operation of a rotary transfer machine

The workpieces of a rotary transfer machine are often being located in a kind of pallet-like fixtures which have been indexed in a radial way. A well-arranged set of machining operations are being carried out all at the same time in just a period of time on the piece of work which is in the process of manufacture, which is simply called “workpieces.” The table which has already been indexed continues or unsteadily keep turning either in a vertical way or a horizontal way. While the table used for indexing has turned, the unsteadiness of the machine operation keeps repeating itself on the same workpiece which the previous machine station is being done. This part is typically being machined by the previous station. In this design, there is a combination of an automated part coupled with the operations that are being carried out simultaneously.

The applications of a rotary transfer machine

This particular type of rotary system (Rotary Transfer Machine) is commonly and typically being used for the production of a vast majority of metals straight inside the automated industry and also for the purpose of making good and wise use of the air pressure and by the pressure of a fluid. The different parts of a rotary transfer machine range from the simplest down to the complex. But all these depend greatly on each machining tool which often or always serves as the instrument which makes it possible for single or more parts to be manufactured as a design custom. Rotary systems, in general, are a very good idea for your factory. Because of its mini size, it provides a lot of open floor space in your work area. In a yearly basis, a rotary transfer machine can produce up to 100,000 units and can be extended to more than a million units.

A rotary transfer machine is capable of performing almost the whole tasks that will take place in your factory. It will give you the standard and best result you need while drilling, threading, marking, milling, recessing, deburring, and the likes of them.

Rotary table

A rotary table also performs the same function as the rotary transfer machine. It is a tool which is being used to work on metals. With this tool, an operator can be able to perform some drilling or cutting around a specific axis.

A rotary table is typically being placed flat, while it rotates vertically on an axis. Let us now talk about some of the uses and applications of a rotary table.  First, we will discuss the uses of a rotary table.

What a rotary table can be used for

A rotary table can be used for the following purposes:

  • To drill holes located at the same distance
  • To cut curves that are more complex
  • With a rotary table, it is possible to cut out straight lines no matter the angle
  • It can be used to cut arcs and many more


A rotary table has a lot of applications and can be used in so many ways. It can be used in scientific industries for the purpose of inspecting and manufacturing the vital elements. It can also be used in automation and aerospace as well. A rotary table also plays an important role in the movie industry. It can be used to get precision and accuracy while shooting a movie or taking a photograph.