What is the Role of the Web Developer?

Web development has been a craft that includes several different kinds of technologies. However, at the base, all responsibility of the web developer would be to make sure that the client acquires the website what he wishes it to do. There would be a huge difference between becoming a web designer and a web developer. Despite their roles overlap at times, the web designer would seldom be involved with any code that would make up the website.


Planning design and functionality of the website

It would mostly take some time before Drupal web developers would actually start to write the code that might make up the website. However, when you actually acquire the contract for a web project, there would be plenty of planning and analysis that would take place. Mostly, the customers would need the website to function in a specific manner. It would be up to the project manager along with his development team to estimate how long would it take.

At this stage, the Drupal web designers would most likely participate to ensure that the design works with the requirements of the customers. Indeed, the requirements would most likely be inclusive of details about how the customers want the website to appear.

Creating the website as desired by the client

After the web developer and web designer has completed the planning and analysis stage, the web developer would start with the developing of the website.


Implementing the web design

In case, you think that when the web developer has been done developing the website, the web designer would be required to implement the website. Despite, them often working together, it would be usually the web developer who would be given the task of implementing the web design on the website. It has been vital that the web designer along with the web developer would work together on implementing the web design.



It would be pertinent to mention here that testing has been the most important and most often neglected aspect of web development project. In case, there have been some vital errors on the website when it is launched; the customers would be at risk of losing both plenty of credibility and money. With that being said, the web developer would not be held responsible for testing the website. It has been deemed of great importance that someone who would not be involved in the actual development of the website has tested it.