Friday 6 December 2019
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Why You Should Invest in a Penetration Test

Why You Should Invest in a Penetration Test

When it comes to your company’s cybersecurity, there are many different tests you should undergo. Your data might be some of the most sensitive your company has on file and therefore, you should make protecting it one of your top priorities. With the range of cybersecurity tests available to you, it can be understandable if you gloss over a penetration test in favour of others. However, this may not be the best path for your business. Here is why we think you should invest in a penetration test.

What is a Penetration Test?

Penetration testing helps to identify flaws in your business’s online infrastructure. You may have created what you think is a safe system on which you can store your company’s data; however, there may be some weaknesses in the design of the system which have slipped past you. Only a professional Penetration Test can help you identify if there is indeed an issue.

These are tests run by experts which find the weaknesses and faults in your cyber defence systems. It could be something minimal or something which could turn into a problem if left unchecked. However, the cybersecurity specialist will be able to identify the weaknesses and bring them to your attention.

Why Should You Invest?

Cybersecurity is evolving every day, and new techniques are continually being developed by hackers and security technicians alike. Penetration tests are one of the best ways to ensure that you are appropriately defended against attacks.

If you can demonstrate to your customers that you are investing in your cybersecurity, you will notice that you will potentially appear more preferable than some of your other customers. You are demonstrating that you are dedicated to keeping their data secure online.

Such a test will also give you some insight into the behaviour of your staff. Are they following the correct security protocols which you have outlined? If they are not, a penetration test could flag this and cause you to either revise the protocols for the better or address the members of your staff who are causing problems.

Save Your Money

The cost of a penetration test is incomparable when you consider that you may have to pay for compensation otherwise. Would you rather pay for a test to show you where the flaws are or would you rather have a sensitive data breach?

With the latter, not only will you have to pay the client for the loss of their data but you may also have to pay compensation in addition to paying for your new cyber infrastructures. The costs really do add up. It is a much more cost-effective notion to consider this nothing more than risk-management, and a necessary step in protecting your company’s assets.

If you are truly dedicated to protecting the data of yourself and your client’s, there is really only one option left open to you. Don’t delay, speak to a professional about organising a penetration test for your systems now.

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